Seven Denver spots that could benefit from David Beckham's H&M statue

Metro Denver will welcome another H&M store tomorrow, but sadly, even though statues of the store's body model, David Beckham, appeared in three cities last week, Denver is not getting one. (For a consolation prize, just look at those abs. Now try to look away.) In preparation for the chain's latest addition, this time at Broomfield's FlatIron Crossing , we thought long and well, hard, about where we'd like to see Beckham's bod appear in Denver. Continue reading for photos that show just how well Beckham would bend this city's already stunning scenery:

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7. Dancing with the "Dancers" (aka Aliens) 6. Cavorting at the Capitol 5. Catching a game in the cheap seats 4. Onstage at The Book of Mormon 3. Obscuring the demon "Mustang" at DIA 2. Playing soccer at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, of course 1. Selling MMJ on the street

... Oh, wait, that's not allowed anymore.

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