Ship docking fail: Your moment of lulz

The course of a life, once set, is hard to change. Like ships through an ocean, we pass through time on the force of our momentum, able to make adjustments now and then but for the most part fixed and inexorable on the path we've set, helplessly coasting forward even when the looming horizon of failure appears in the distance. In that way, today's moment of lulz is like a metaphor for our existence.

And when our slow slide toward inevitable failure consummates, there will be a guy to point the camera at his face and smile dumbly, so that everyone will know that he's the one who captured this video and posted it to YouTube and... at any rate, this metaphor is getting out of control. Like lives and ships and guys who smile dumbly at ships which are metaphors for lives, though, a metaphor, once failed, is hard to retract.

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