Sick video: First recorded ski-BASE jump in Glenwood Canyon

Last Tuesday, freeskier/BASE jumper/announcer Ted Davenport, adventurer-of-all-trades Matt Hecker, software salesman/Base jumper Collin Scott, and photographer/BASE jumper Jacob Fuerst became the first people to be filmed ski-BASE-jumping off of a 460-foot wall in Glenwood Canyon -- see the sick embedded video from ESPN.com above. Davenport, Hecker, and Fuerst actually became the first people ever to accomplish the feat the week before last, but the footage didn't come out (thus the "first recorded" in the headline). So they went and did it again.

Davenport posted a bunch of sweet shots from the day on his website, where he blogs about the jump. Also on Davenport's  site: a jump counter indicating he just has to make just five more jumps in the next nine days to hit his 2009 goal of 150 jumps.

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Eric Peterson