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Stan Lee cancels appearance at Denver Comic Con

Superhero legend and comic book creator Stan Lee, who was supposed to appear at Denver Comic Con at the Colorado Convention Center on May 31-June 2, announced today that he won't be able to make it because of another engagement.

Tickets to see and meet Lee, which ranged from $175 to $275, sold out within minutes when they went on sale last month. Denver Comic Con issued the following statement on Facebook, addressing the cancellation and the tickets:

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Bad news, guys. I can't tell you how unbelievably bummed we are about this. We FEEL your pain. We were just as excited to have him in Denver. And it's too bad Stan won't get to see all his amazing fans in the Mile High City.

No one can replace Stan 'The Man,' but fear not, Denver Comic Con already has another guest lined up that is sure to have fans far and wide just as excited.

For those who purchased Stan Lee "Gold and Silver" packages, you will have the option to roll them over to the new guest, or if you prefer, obtaining a refund. We will post more specifics later today.

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