Stanley Marketplace Closes to Public March 15, Will Offer Pickup Services

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This just in: Stanley Marketplace will be closed to the public as of this morning, March 15, for an indeterminate time. Some of the businesses will offer curbside pick-up options, and eateries are hoping to launch Stanley To Go, a food pick-up option, by March 17.

In the meantime, here's the notice posted on Stanley's Facebook page late March 14:

We have another update, everybody!

We are a community gathering place above all else, and because of that, with the goal of doing our part to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 as much as we can, and with guidance and advice from the City of Aurora, an infectious disease specialist whose help we enlisted, and the CDC, we have made the difficult decision to close Stanley Marketplace to the public as of tomorrow morning, March 15. To be perfectly frank, we are terrified about this, because all of our businesses are locally owned small businesses, and shutting down even for a few days will be difficult. But we know this is a necessary and important step for the health of our community.

More than a dozen of our businesses will still offer delivery and curbside pick-up options. We are currently compiling a list of those, which we will share in a separate post and update regularly.

A bunch of our food businesses are working together to launch Stanley To Go, a food pick-up option that will begin this Tuesday and operate daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. until we re-open. This will allow you to enjoy food from these businesses while following social distancing and other best practices during this pandemic.

OPENair Academy at Stanley will remain open until further notice, at the request and direction of the health department, the Department of Human Services, and the nurses consulting agency they work with.

Please follow our social posts closely in the coming days, as we compile and share information of ways we will continue to serve all of you.

If you are able to do so, and are interested in supporting our community of locally owned small businesses during this time: BUY GIFT CARDS. This will generate much-needed income for our small businesses. We shared a post earlier today that included links to purchase gift cards from many Stanley businesses.

THANK YOU, everybody, for your understanding and support during this unprecedented time. We will evaluate our ability to serve this community on a daily basis, and we will be in constant contact with our friends at the City of Aurora to help determine when we can re-open. We love this community — you are the very reason Stanley exists — and we will get through this together as best we can.

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