Station Is a Must-Stop for Men's Street Wear and Street Art

Men seeking both premium street wear and street art now have a go-to place to shop in Denver. David Bywater moved here from Kansas just over five years ago, and he opened Station, a retail store and art gallery with a boutique atmosphere, at 2735 Welton Street last April. Bywater and his associates carefully curate Station's merchandise, which consists of vintage fashion from designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, along with newer items from current street-wear designers like Supreme and Billionaire Boys Club. In addition to high-fashion street-wear and accessories, Station stocks artistic stickers from local artists, an assortment of books, designer toys and a rotating roster of fine art. Keep reading to learn more about Station's stock and philosophy:
Westword: What inspired you to open Station?

David Bywater: The driving force behind Station was the lack of representation of the brands and artists that we and many others alike in Denver are constantly seeking out and being inspired by. We opened Station to be a hub in Denver for the street culture that is currently dominating cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

What does the name of Station represent?

The name Station ended up being a good fit for numerous reasons. The first, and most transparent, was that we are across the street from a light-rail stop, and the trains are rolling in every ten  minutes. The second, that we wanted our space to be the stop in Denver for premium street-wear and street-art culture — a "station," if you will.

What does Station contribute to Denver's menswear scene?

Station is bringing in emerging international and local brands along with artists who, up until this point, had yet to be represented in a brick-and-mortar location in Denver: Hyped names such as Supreme, A Bathing Ape, Kaws, Original Fake, McFlyy, Malarky, Lost Boys and Penfold are a few that come to mind. 

How do you curate the art at Station?

The artists that we choose to show are usually based on personal interest and following. We like to bring people to Denver that we are personally inspired by, but have yet to see represented in Denver. 
Tell us about the sticker selection.

The sticker selection is on point! We carry real rarities to homemade street slaps. We have an old-school sticker machine that sits in the shop that houses stickers from several top-notch local artists for just $1 a piece. The brands we stock also send tons of stickers, and there are always cool and free things laying around.

What designers do you currently carry?

We currently stock a wide array of brands that are found nowhere else in the city, making us a hub for items people only get to see online. We have Denver's first re-sale/consignment rack featuring curated hype brands like Supreme, A Bathing Ape, Billionaire Boys Club and Original Fake. Then, on top of all of that, we have accounts with more low-key emerging brands such as Carrots by AnwarCarrots, Freedminds, H33M, Under Mine, Plaant and League Worlds.
Tell us about the vintage racks in the store and accessory case.

We recently put in two vintage racks full of handpicked '80s and '90s era clothing. On the rack you'll find vintage styles from brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, Nautica and Starter, all the way to vintage sports jackets and Sunday morning cartoon tees. The bigger the graphics and louder the colors, the better. The accessory case is full of rotating knick-knacks and home goods from the various re-sale brands that we stock, such as Supreme and A Bathing Ape. In the accessory case you can find classic home goods or a great addition for any outfit.

What does the future look like for Station?

The future for Station looks promising. We're currently approaching our one year anniversary with no end in sight! We have an amazing array of worldwide artists who will be showing their work on our walls in 2016, as well as big plans to strengthen our collection of brands that we represent. Be on the lookout for various art exhibitions and  pop-up shops we'll be hosting in the coming months. We are also looking to continue to put out clothing and items with the Station branding, as all of our pieces thus far have sold out. 

What are some upcoming events at Station?

We host art shows the first Saturday of every month. On February 6 we opened a duo show with two up-and-coming contemporary character artists: Sky Welkin and Javon the Unique....On March 2 we will host a major group show with worldwide artists such as Mike Graves, Base23, 45RPM, Bafcat, Pali, BillyColors, Aleo, Alison Fizzord and NSPIRE, just to name a few. 
To stay up to date with Station, follow the store on Instagram or click here to go to the website. 
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Mauricio Octavio Rocha graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in English writing and a minor in cinema studies; He has been writing about fashion and style for Westword since 2012. Rocha also writes songs for his music and art project, VULGAR FEVER.
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