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Street Style: Art Student Amayas Gonzalez Spotted in Fur and Moschino

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The heat is no excuse for not looking hot. Amayas Gonzalez, an art student who lives in Denver, isn't afraid to rock fur in the summer and turn up the heat. Gonzalez comes from a creative family; their mother has a punk-rock clothing line for kids and their older sister is a makeup artist. Gonzalez is an artist, too, working with Polaroid film and watercolors, and even making some of their own fashion creations. "Surrealism ties into what I wear," they explain. "Moschino is out of this world and funny about it." That's just the start of what they told us after we spotted Gonzalez on East 17th Avenue; keep reading to find out where they shop and who inspires their personal style.  

Style inspirations and icons: "Tokyo and the fashion scene in Harajuku inspire me. Shoushipoyo, Vivienne Westwood and Jeremy Scott inspire me. Surrealism ties into what I wear. Jeremy Scott mixed with Vivienne Westwood is who I aspire to be.  Shoushipoyo and Tokyo inspire me to be different. I also get inspiration from certain buildings and random objects I see in thrift stores."

Favorite color: "Teal."

Favorite accessory: "Probably my Vivienne Westwood backpack. It looks like a pair of boobs with bondage, and it's one of my favorites." Style mantra: "With me dressing the way I do, I want to inspire people to be themselves and to be different. If we are all the same, then the world would be a boring place. What is there to live for if we can't all be different? Society is something that boxes you in, especially here in America. Creativity is my world. I feel like people should stop trying to look like Kim Kardashian or any other celebrity. We should view that as a bad thing, and be a society that encourages everyone to be themselves and be different."

Summer anthem: "Banana Brain" by Die Antwoord.  Shops at: "Goodwill, I love thrift stores. I've been to London, Spain, Norway and Italy in the past, and I love to shop there. I bought three items from Moschino in Italy. London and Italy were my favorite to shop at. Some brands I love are Tata Christiane and Samsara collections, DVMVGE, Buffalo, Jeremy Scott, Pet Shop Girl, W.I.A. and YRU. I get some accessories from H&M, and my shirt is from a concert in Denver."
"Shoushipoyo made a fashion statement called No-Fashion or No Rad or Neo-Fashion, which is fashion that goes against fashion and is created by a youth culture," Gonzales continues. "I try to do the same with my fashion. I like to show people there are many ways to do things, there is not just one one way. In the winter I wear shorts. In the summer I wear fur." Gonzalez shows how to embrace fashion as part of your identity, reminding us to have a sense of humor and be whimsical with our wardrobes.

Never be afraid to express yourself in fashion, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.