Street Style: Bohemian Chic Is on Trend at The Ting Tings Concert

We spotted plenty of bohemian-chic fashions outside the Ting Tings concert at the Gothic Theater on April 1, and chatted with four ladies who were looking fly as the British pop-punk duo finished its set. Keep reading to learn their style inspirations and how they selected outfits for their night out on the town. 

These women look great individually and together. They are mixing textures, prints and colors to express their fashion perspective — bohemian chic — while also offering comfort at a concert. Ricci Taylor, a server in town, is wearing a fringe dshawl and tribal pattern dress; she just got back to Denver after spending six months in New Zealand. "My fashion has always been about traveling and comfort," she says. "If I can wake up and do a walk of shame, then I'm fine. I shop at thrift stores, my grandmother's closet, and Free People when I feel like spending money. My grandmother's wardrobe is key." The fringe on her boots and on shawl show that Taylor is having fun mixing textures in her fashion. Randi Johnson, a hairdresser at Evolution in Highland, highlights her concert look with lime-green hair. "I love '90s fashion," she says. "I don't like super-bright colors, but I like to tone it down with black. I like super-edgy fashion. I love to do crazy stuff with my hair — so my clothes are subtle to allow my hair to speak. I love wearing black because my hair is so crazy. My friends say I speak from the neck up." Johnson's look is part punk, with ripped-up tights and black boots.The pop of color in her shirt and hair adds an energetic element to the ensemble.  Leah Graklanoff, a server, says any sort of jewelry is her favorite accessory. "I am obsessed with jewelry," she explains. "I shop Etsy because it's very creative, handmade and unique. Yellow is my favorite color." Her brown suede boots and floral-print top create a bohemian vibe that goes well with wild hair and her distressed denim shorts. This carefree look is perfect for spring concerts. Marketing director Jamie-Lynn Ramirez says that "pink and black are my favorite colors. My extensions are my favorite accessory. If you need anyone to get your hair done, go to Randi," Not only does she rely on Randi Johnson for her hair, but she received help from her friends on deciding what to wear to the show.

While all of these friends stand out individually, they shine brighter collectively as a celebration of bohemian-chic and pop-punk aesthetics. When it comes to a fun night out, your friends are your best accessory.  

Always stay on trend with your street-style, Denver. 

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