Summer Guide: Vote for Your Favorite Look

(Photos by Mark Manger)

The Summer Guide is finally here. On stands today (Thursday, June 7). Cat is pretty happy with how it turned out. Even though we were photographing in a bone-chilling downpour, all the fashion images look beautiful. Dark and moody and maybe not so summery, but, hey, that’s Cat, anyway.

(More images and poll on the next page.)

So if you want to check it all out, go pick up a Westword -- or see it online. Plus, there's lots more than fashion in it: travel, books, bikes, dogs, bags, you name it.

But if you just need to see more fashion, here are some slide shows featuring the outtakes of each outfit.

Kate Bailey wears Lynne Bruning. (Center right image)

Brooke Crawford wears Equillibrium Clothing. (Top left image)

Toni Morris wears Gino Velardi. (Bottom image)

Anna Newell wears Mona Lucero. (Top right image)

Lana Russell wears Potential Fashions. (Center left image)

Happy summer!


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