The Assault is On

For those who pine for the days of their carefree youth but don’t want to sacrifice their booze, New Belgium Brewing Company is offering a happy compromise: the Urban Assault Ride, a scavenger hunt on bikes followed by a beer-centric after-party. Our fair city — one of eight chosen to host the hunt — will be strewn with various checkpoint obstacles in parks, restaurants and bike shops, along with Denver-specific challenges that are guaranteed to surprise. Colorado-based Adventure Fit LLC, which is putting on the event, is serious about making you earn your fun through sweat and bruises. Be prepared for stations with disasters-waiting-to-happen, like big-wheel races, slip-n-slides and BMX jousting. Participants must ride in pairs; family teams must include a child between the ages of seven and twelve. The $60 entry fee nets you admission into the race and the party (which involves the copious consumption of free beer for age-appropriate competitors), as well as a slew of other goodies, including fajitas from sponsor Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, a bike bell to warn of your impending dominance, a water bottle for the sake of fueling your competitive drive, and plenty more. The action gets rolling at 9 a.m. at Mile High Station, 2027 West Lower Colfax Avenue, which will also host the conclusion of the tomfoolery. Navigate your way to to sign up and to find the five checkpoint locations. The urbs can be cutthroat, so prepare your assault route with care.
Sun., July 27, 2008
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Crow Jonah Norlander