The Bag the Cat Was In needs your help

Want to see a giant cat face with light-up eyes and a glowing field of poppies? So does Rianna Lee Brown. But to make it happen, she needs your help. The local artist, costume designer and performer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund her ambitious new production, The Bag the Cat Was In. The play, designed completely by Brown, will feature elaborate costumes made of silk, hand-sewn fur masks with light-up eyes, and liquid-filled birdcage lamps made with multi-colored poured candy, metal and electronics. That is, if Brown can raise $5000 by July 31.

The website lays out the plot of the play:

It stars four Poppy Girls, four Cat Gods, & four Chivalrous Mice. They will be acting out a surreal struggle over the Power of the Poppies. The cycle of life begins with the Cats, whose main purpose in life is receiving energy from the poppy flowers they worship daily. Their existence is coupled by the Mice, whose job is to save the Cats from a life-time of slumber. But when the mice grow weary of their endless duty they call upon the Spirit of the Poppies to help. Little do they know, they've unleashed a terrible force which may lead to their own destruction.

For any donation of $1 or more, pledgers will receive an invitation to what is sure to be an interesting event. As you donate more, the gifts get more elaborate, ranging from a set of buttons printed with images of the characters and props ($10) to a hand-made replica of one of the masks from the play ($75).

The production will be held on December 9 in the Mary Harris Auditorium at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design for Brown's Graduation Exhibition. To help make those glowing poppies a reality, visit the Kickstarter page and donate.

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