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The Doctor Is In: Dr. Sketchy's Makes a Triumphant Return

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-­Art School -- a life-­drawing class combined with a cabaret show -- is back. Burlesque artist Vivienne VaVoom (aka Michelle Baldwin) launched Dr. Sketchy's five years ago, but she put it on unintentional hiatus a few years ago. "I decided it was time to take a break because of all the other crazy stuff I do," she says. "So I talked to other folks who were interested in taking it over and handed over the reins -- but they discovered that they also had very busy lives. So it was a series of people picking it up, getting super-­excited about it, and then realizing they didn't have time to do it."

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But nobody forgot about Dr. Sketchy: "I had a lot of performers and models who, even during the hiatus, kept contacting me and asking me about bringing it back and if they could pose," recalls Baldwin. When Syntax Physic Opera finally opened this summer at 554 South Broadway, Baldwin decided it was time to resurrect Dr. Sketchy's herself. Starting this weekend, the class will be held the fourth Sunday of every month, and she's already booked models through April.

October's model will be Vanessa Heart. "She's a pinup model, but she's also a zombie makeup artist," explains Baldwin. "She does her own zombie makeup, which is super­creepy and amazing. And not just her face: She paints on her body, too. She'll do three different zombie looks for the event, and we'll have all kinds of Halloween­y things on the stage with her to set the scene."

The posing will start at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 26 (doors open at 2 p.m.); admission is $8. Participants should bring any dry mediums, dip pens or neat watercolor sets (leave oil paints and other messy and odorous mediums at home); photographers are also welcome, as long as they turn off their flash and don't block the view. And there will be coloring pages on hand for anyone who's not artistically inclined but still wants to enjoy the show.

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