The envelopes please: Who got the first three YesPleaseMore Starter Grant awards?

It's only $500, but it's $500 more than any of these folks had before, an amount that could be crucial to a small business owner mounting a grassroots startup on the local level. And if nothing else, YesPleaseMore's first Starter Grant program public vote probably proves the true power of social networking. YPM's Brian Corrigan says the online contest, entered by only sixteen entrepreneurs and arts organizations, attracted an incredible 76,077 registered votes,which is a pretty big deal for some of these local small potatoes. So, now, without further adieu, the winners, after the jump.

Click on the images for each winner's prize-winning pitch.

Allie Pohl, Denver Condom, 21,071 votes: Rebecca Peebles, hol sum, 18,450 votes: I've Got Wood, pine beetle wood furniture, 17,538 votes:

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Keep your eyes peeled at Show and Tell for further news about the award ceremony, which, notes YPM partner Samuel Schimek, will most likely coincide with the pop-up store's next grand opening in October.

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