The GrowHaus wins $50,000 in Maxwell House Drops of Good Contest

Earlier this month

, local community garden

The GrowHaus

was one of ten organizations in the running for a $50,000 award from Maxwell House, as part of the coffee maker's Drops of Good contest -- and we are happy to report the nonprofit has won. "We're still sorting out the logistics, but the money will go primarily to two places -- our hydroponics farm and renovations to our market space," says Coby Gould, The GrowHaus' Executive Director.

Gould says that, when it is all said and done, the current facility will be able to grow over a mile's worth of produce, like spinach and basil, along with Bibb and Butter lettuce. Already working with the like-minded SAME Cafe -- where all diners utilize the pay-what-you-can system for healthy, organic meals -- The GrowHaus hopes to build relationships with more organic and community-oriented restaurants once the space is able to produce more food.

Gould also says that, with the money, the front area of The GrowHaus' current structure at 47th and York will be transformed into a market where people can purchase fresh produce.

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