The Playboy Golf Scramble unites common dude pastimes

Ah, golf: You get outside, away from all the distractions of everyday living, hang out with your buddies, hit a few balls around. Could anything make it better? The answer is yes, and that thing is scantily-clad women. Which is exactly what you'll get at the 2010 Denver Playboy Golf Scramble. That, and a chance to party with the Hef himself.

"When you enter one of these you get a chance to go the the finals in California," says Steve Lower, host of the event (he's also the owner of Hardbodies Striptease, though he takes pains to clarify that Hardbodies and Playboy are unaffiliated). "And if you get to the finals, then you get to go to two parties at the Playboy Mansion. One of them is actually Mid Summer Night's Dream, and that party is just off the hook."

Aside from those parties, entry into the tournament also gets you into a couple of parties here in town: One's tonight at Roo Bar and is hosted by Amy Andrews, Playboy's Miss April 2010, and the other's an awards dinner on the Broadlands Golf Course, where the tournament is held, tomorrow. Plus -- why not? -- you get a bunch of free schwag.

As far as the actual tournament, the way it works is that there's actually two competitions going on at the same time: One is the golf thing; the second is that, at each hole, three or four girls (who got selected via casting call) will be hanging around and trying to convince you to vote for them, so four of them can go on to their own round of finals, where two will ultimately be selected for a Playboy photoshoot.

And if the whole thing sounds a little sexist, Lower assures you it isn't. "This is all about partying and just having a good time," he says. "It's just four guys go out to play golf, they get to look at beautiful women and they have a ball."

And he could mean "ball" in any one of multiple senses of the word (sorry, couldn't resist). At any rate, registration is still open. You can sign up or get more info by going to or calling 303-356-2924.

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Jef Otte
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