The Ten Best Geek Events in Denver in November

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7) Werewolf Radar Picture Show: The Valley of the Gwangi In the golden era of TV horror hosts every UHF channel with access to a hammy local actor and a box full of old, cheap monster movies would put the two together to fill the late-night hours. Those days are long gone, but the men of the Werewolf Radar podcast and Sexpot Comedy are keeping the memory alive. This month, you can experience the majesty of a cowboy-and-dinosaur film with a real, live horror host at the Werewolf Radar Picture Show: Valley of Gwangi. The hosts will intro the film, then stop from time to time for "commercial breaks" filled with everything from Power Point presentations to local comics critiquing the film. Dumb movies, goofy hosts and good fun, but don't expect any Mystery Science Theater 3000 hijinks as the movie plays -- these films are ridiculous enough on their own.

See the movie at 8 p.m.Tuesday, November 4 at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. Admission is free, but they do accept donations for the Buntport Youth programs. For more information, visit the Werewolf Radar Picture Show event page.

6) HorrorHouse Pinball Tournament of Death Didn't get enough Halloween in October? Bloodshed Deathbath is here to help. This year's HorrorHouse fuses a pinball tourney to a haunted house (plus some short films, because why not?) for a one-of-a-kind horror-gaming experience in a bar. Each room of the haunted house will contain a pinball machine that will determine the theme; you compete on each to get the highest cumulative score as ghosts, ghouls and assorted freaks interfere with your game. With pitfalls and scares designed by Ryan Policky and partner Daniel Crosier and brought to life by Monster Makeup FX and the one-and-only Serana Rose of The Showdevils, one thing is certain -- this is going to be the wildest pinball tournament/haunted house you'll ever experience.

The haunting and pinball happen at 8 p.m. Saturday, November 8 at 3 Kings Tavern. Tickets are $15 if you want to compete for cash prizes in the tournament, or $8 if you just want to witness the insanity. For tickets, visit the 3 Kings website, or visit Bloodshed Deathbath online for more information.

The Incident, one of the selections of Stanley Nights 5) Stanley Nights at the Starz Denver Film Festival When the horrors of the Stanley Film Festival get a home at the Starz Denver Film Fest, we all win. This year, five films that would be right at home at the Stanley are being folded into the SDFF as Stanley Nights. With everything from a really weird vampire movie to an insane homage to Philip K. Dick and Jacob's Ladder, Stanley Nights will offer geeks a reason to get down to the SDFF for more than just that Alan Turing biopic.

Stanley Nights start Thursday, November 13 and continue through Saturday, November 22 at the Sie FilmCenter and/or the Pavilions 15. For a complete schedule, tickets and venue information, visit the Stanley Nights page of the Denver Film Society website.

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