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The ten best sets of twins in pop culture -- double the trouble!

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7. Robin and Maurice Gibb Three Aussie brothers banded together to create the Bee Gees; two were twins who sang at amazingly high pitches. Almost four decades later, when "Staying Alive" comes on KOSI 101, it's impossible not to do a little Saturday Night Fever dance move and belt this jam. 6. Tia and Tamera Mowry "Sister, sister I got my own mind I do my own style in my own time and now that everybody sees how different we have come to be." These sisters made it clear that even though they have the same face, they are not the same person. Their TV show, Sister, Sister, showed the lives of identical twin sisters who didn't meet until they were teenagers. Besides having their own show, Tia and Tamera twinned in the Disney original movies, Twitches and Twitches Too. 5. Cole and Dylan Sprouse Remember the cute little kid that Adam Sandler taught how to pee on a wall in public in Big Daddy? That kid was actually played by two actors who went on to wreak havoc in a Boston hotel and on a cruise. Double the trouble, double the fun.
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