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The ten most awkward teens in pop culture

Nerd. Geek. Dork. By whatever name, these poor, unfortunate souls with bad haircuts, unflattering clothes and few social graces are everywhere. Especially pop culture. Few films have captured the ideal of the awkward, disastrously uncool teen like Todd Solondz's Welcome to the Dollhouse, in the character of Dawn Wiener. The film -- showing tonight and tomorrow at 10 p.m. as part of the Watching Hour at the Sie FilmCenter -- offers one of the most simultaneously off-putting and endearing views of what it's like to fail to fit into the teen landscape of cool in the most disastrous way possible. In honor of the screening, we've collected some of pop culture's other most memorable misfits. Unfashionable, uncool and sometimes even unlikable, here are ten more teens who embrace the awkward like they have no other choice. Because they don't.

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