There's a RIOT! Going On

The fledgling 40 West arts district in Lakewood is off and running, and tonight's 40 West Arts RIOT! cultural variety show might be considered the next step. "40 West has delivered several community-focused events in 2012, and we look to expand our calendar of events in 2013," says district boardmember and volunteer Julie Byerlein. "After this, we'll be presenting the 40 West Arts Harvest & Festival for a three-week show in November, aligned with Denver Arts Week programming. The juried art exhibition will also include one or two gallery rooms dedicated to the theme 'Van Gogh Goes West,' inspired by the DAM's Van Gogh exhibition. And in 2013, we'll have at least six major arts events, including some in conjunction with the start of the RTD light rail on the west line, which opens in late April." But it does cost money to keep the momentum rolling, and to that end, tonight's RIOT!, hosted by Naughty Pierre of Lannie's Clocktower fame, is an upbeat fundraiser.

"It's a variety show with an array of high-energy acts ranging from artistic film and acrobatic dance and jazz, to a theatrical performance, woodwind ensemble, a cappella group, flamenco dancing and more," Byerlein promises -- without wanting to give away too much about the show's diverse roster. "Our audience is looking forward to being surprised," she adds, though some sneak peeks have been revealed, like a slow striptease, on the 40 West Facebook page ( in recent weeks.

It all goes down at 7:30 p.m. in Harris Auditorium at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, 1600 Pierce Street in Lakewood; admission to the show is $25, or $40 for a couple. A VIP option includes a 6 p.m. limited-seating buffet for $75 (or $140 for two). For information and reservations, go to
Thu., Sept. 13, 2012

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