This dude loves Rachel Maddow. No, really.

Marc Black loves you, Rachel Maddow.
​Oh, wow. This dude loves Rachel Maddow. In this twisted diddy of adoration brought to you by Marc Black, the singer-songwriter revels in his adulation of the fair reporting, crooked smile and short haircut of his favorite MSNBC news anchor. Though he starts out by admitting to a crush on the TV personality, Black -- who, upon some surface internet research is revealed to have a rather lengthy, yet under-the-radar folk singing career -- eventually concedes that it's Maddow's ability to deliver the news fairly that he likes so much.

But it isn't the song that seems weird as much it's the video, which finds this singing dad-dude wandering through a meadow while women in sparkly red ensembles dance interpretively behind him -- in Rachel Maddow masks. We guess there's no one way to pay tribute to a political commentator, but what we really want to know is: Who or what is that strange Uncle Sam-like figure flailing among the dancers in an even scarier mask? Whatever. The song is pretty good, so sit back and enjoy Marc Black's regaling of his hero's ability to take down the good ol' boys while bringing delicious freedom to your head.

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