This just in: People in Hollywood do cocaine

Okay, so more like a shitload of people in Hollywood do cocaine -- at least that's what Dennis Quaid shares in a recent Newsweek piece (that we, of course, got wind of via TMZ.com, where all good, abbreviated versions of real news stories come from). Anyway, TMZ was quick to highlight that during the filming of the '80s crime drama The Big Easy, Quaid was "sleeping ONE hour a night in between drug sessions," which by all accounts isn't surprising for anyone in a high-stress industry like film. But what we really want to know is, what is a "drug session"? It must just be celebrity code for doing drugs, but if we haven't heard Charlie Sheen use it yet, then TMZ probably made it up.

Speaking of Sheen, could it be that his recent stranglehold on the media and his newfound position as the premier addict and prince of domestic abuse and violence against women has made other stars brave enough to come out and discuss their issues? Maybe it's just our bloggeristic minds at work here, but considering Quaid isn't currently promoting a new movie or TV show, why was Newsweek running a personal essay of his in the first place?

Though relevance seems to be missing here, the truth is, it is never too late to come clean about one's past, especially coming from the fictional world where famous people live, and Quaid's omission seems to be just that: a public service announcement. However, one read-through of the story and, in a very un-PSA kind of way, Quaid makes it sound like having a nasty cocaine problem may have helped him become the man he is today.

But there is no faulting a person who says they had to get to the bottom (in Quaid's case, the bottom was the breakup of his band that we didn't know existed, the Eclectics) in order to learn about humility and make him appreciative of what he has. For that, we should thank him: Maybe if more stars told positive, reality-based stories, the abusive Charlie Sheen empire would collapse before Sheen himself dies. But our cynical minds doubt it.

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And, p.s.: We watched as much of The Big Easy as we could find on YouTube (meaning mostly just the "love scene" and the part where Quaid is singing in a Cajun band on someone's porch), and he looks pretty normal. But if all of Hollywood is (or was) always on cocaine, then it might be more effective to watch the movie again and see if we can spot the sober people.

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