This week in genre film: Series 7, Alien and more

Denver's a great place for fans of the big five of genre film (that's sci-fi, fantasy, horror, exploitation and cult), as every week we get a generous helping of selections to choose from. We'll be rounding up your options every Friday for the weekend and the following week, and making a recommendation of one can't-miss film.

Pick of the Week: Series 7 Where: Starz FilmCenter, Tivoli building on the Auraria Campus When: 10 p.m. Friday, July 30 and Saturday, July 31 Why?: This week's selection in Keith Garcia's Watching Hour (Westword's 2010 Best Film Program), Series 7 is about the ultimate reality show -- contestants are selected without their consent, handed a gun and told to watch out for the other contestants. The last one standing wins. If this dystopian premise sounds promising, wait until you see the kick-ass trailer. More info/tickets:

Also Showing

Mile High Sci-Fi: Alien Where: Starz FilmCenter, Tivoli building on the Auraria Campus When: 8 p.m. Friday, July 30 and 7 and 9:30 p.m. Saturday, July 31 Why?: Denver's homegrown movie riffers rip up Ridley Scott's sci-fi/horror classic to hilarious effect. Plus, the triumphant return of Matt Vogl to the ranks means this one should be extra special. More info/Tickets:

Rocky Horror Picture Show Where: Esquire Theatre, 600 Downing Street When: Midnight, Friday, July 30 Why?: The original midnight movie about everyone's favorite Transylvanian transexual, presented with a live assist from Colorado's Elusive Ingredient. More info/Tickets:

Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams Where: Esquire Theatre, 600 Downing Street When: Midnight, Friday, July 30 and Saturday, July 31 Why?: Is a cult film about two stoners who sell "ice cream" made of experimental marijuana more or less relevant now that we can get the stuff legally (for medical reasons, naturally)? Either way, you should probably medicate before heading out to see this one. More info/Tickets:

The Lost Boys Where: Red Rocks Amphitheatre When: Dusk, Tuesday, August 3 (doors at 6:30 p.m.) Why?: These teenage vampires don't sparkle, but they do try to recruit Corey Haim's brother. Plus, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake open up the show. (Read this week's Night & Day pick for The Lost Boys) More info/Tickets:

Howl's Moving Castle Where: Thin Man parking lot, 2015 East 17th Avenue When: Wednesday, August 4 at dusk (9 p.m. ish) Why?: Hayao Miyazaki's animated fairy tale about a witch's curse, a young girl and the self-indulgent wizard she turns to for help is just as good as his better-known Spirited Away. Plus, it's free! Bring a chair or blanket to sit on, though. More info/Tickets:

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