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This week's most ridiculous trailer: Pirhana 3D

Like horror movies in general, the trailer of Pirhana 3D, yet another B-flick devoted to America's favorite scary flesh-eating fish, starts out strong: with ominous music and the old sudden-and-startling-loud-noise trick, it creates a suspenseful mood that builds until about minute one -- and then, as all horror movies eventually must, it gets ridiculous. The movie itself might not be so preposterously frenetic, but if the trailer's any indication, it's likely to be like taking acid and playing five video games at a time with the sound turned all the way up. Let's take a look.

If you can get past what sounds like somebody dumped a bucket of sound effects in a wood chipper and sprayed them in the general direction of this two-minute sensory overload machine, there's some interesting social commentary going on here. Consider this quote from Christopher Lloyd (whose unbridled character schtick has never seen hammier levels, incidentally): "Piranha hunt in packs. The first bite draws blood. The blood draws the pack." Then note that the piranha aren't the only species here that acts only as a group.

We've got beer over here? Now we all jump in a lake together. Did that girl over there just yelp? Even amid the screaming of scantily clad teens partying, we sense hers is one of pain, and now we are suddenly quiet. It's a set-up device, sure, and it's probably unintentional, but it does make for an interesting metaphor that, ultimately, pretty much defines why this movie was even made.

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