Tonight: Catch a $10 preview of the B-Team, starring a bunch of white guys

Some directors might get a hold of the script for David Holstein's The B-Team -- about a group of second-string terrorists who fail at everything they try -- and think, "A play about Pakistani terrorists must be cast by Pakistani-Americans. Obviously. Of course." But not Jeremy Make. No, he cast a bunch of white guys.

"Not only do we not have Pakistani-Americans," Make explains, "We have an Irish, red-headed, freckled-faced leader of the terrorist cell. The way to explain that is these are five Pakistanis trying to fit into American culture so they don't get caught. So they've done everything they can to really fit in."

Okay. Fine. If they don't look Pakistani, then they must at least sound Pakistani, right?

"They have some pretty bad Middle-Eastern accents," Make admits. "I won't specify them to Pakistan, because who the fuck knows where they come from?" Basically, he says, "We have incredible Denver actors who are bad at doing Middle-Eastern accents."

This we've got to see. And hear.

The B-Team opens tomorrow, but you can catch a $10 preview on the cheap tonight at the Avenue Theater at 7:30 p.m. After that, the show plays Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30, and tickets are $25, 2-for-1 on Thursdays. Learn more by calling 303-321-5925

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