Top 5 reasons to go to Breck's Ullr Fest

There is no good excuse for hanging in the lowlands. We want more snow, and we need to get Norse snow god Ullr's attention if we want more snow, and there is no better place to get his attention than Breckenridge right now. And that's because Ullr Fest is underway as we speak.

I doubt you actually need a reason to head up the hill, but here are five good ones for those who don't have anything in mind...

1. To witness the spectacle that is Ullr Fest Parade. You might see streakers or guys riding down the street on kegs tied to the back of a pickup. Or a huge animatronic viking on wheels. You're sure to see plenty of people drinking schnapps with horns on their heads. It's tomorrow at 4:30 on Main Street. I just got to town to hit the Ullympics and bars tonight then ski and judge the parade tomorrow. (I'll post photos and live-blog the winner tomorrow evening.) Come and yell at me in the grandstands if you feel like it.

2. Pray for snow. We need all the help we can get. Ullr has been known to bestow powder on those who demand it in the most immature ways possible. Like getting all liquored up and running down the street in your underwear. (See #1.)

3. Breckenridge is one of the sweetest ski mountains on the planet. You might as well dip into a little Ullr-worshipping in between ski days.

4. You love chili. Everyone loves chili. Even Ullr loves chili. And there is a chili cook-off at the Riverwalk Center from 3 to 7 p.m. on Saturday ($15 advance, $20 door).

5. Debauchery. Because it's for a good cause -- snow -- extreme religious fervor (read: drunkenness) is tolerated and even encouraged during Ullr Fest. And to help you in your praise of Ullr, the bars have all sorts of specials through Saturday.

Ullr Fest 2010

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