Top 5 sci-fi movies as metaphors for Colorado resort towns

In a recent column in the Denver Post, Bill Husted parses the theories of a CU prof who's positive Avatar is a metaphor for Crested Butte's battle against molybdenum mining on the Red Lady. (James Cameron apparently has a house in the area.) It got me thinking of other sci-fi blockbusters (and one not-so-blockbuster) that could serve as metaphors for some of our other esteemed resort towns. (I have a lot of time on my hands.)

5. Planet of the Apes: Aspen. Charlton Heston and the people are old (read: poor) Aspen, the apes are new (read: rich) Aspen, and the half-buried Statue of Liberty is Hunter S. Thompson's perspective on the situation.

4. The Empire Strikes Back: Wolf Creek. Hoth, the snowiest planet in the galaxy, could easily stand for Wolf Creek, the snowiest hill in the state. In this metaphor, the Empire and their AT-AT walkers are the developers who want to build a brand-new town on the pass, Luke and the Rebellion are the locals and environmentalists who oppose them, Yoda is an old-timer in South Fork (Dagobah), Cloud City is Aspen, and Lando is the real-life Billy Dee Williams.

3. Battlefield Earth: Telluride. There's got to be some Scientology metaphor/joke involving Tom Cruise's spread somewhere, but I didn't see the movie.

2. Star Wars: Vail. The Earth Liberation Front/Rebellion blows up a ski lodge/Death Star.

1. The Road Warrior: Winter Park. The Ski Train is shuttered, I-70 traffic sucks, and gas prices and temperatures are on the rise. In 10 years, the Fraser Valley could look just like Mad Max's post-apocalyptic Outback with roving hordes of punks in search of gasoline.

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