Vox Feminista boards the USS Denial in Live from Planet Earth: Uh Oh!

Nobody in these parts does activist theater quite as well -- or with as much enthusiasm -- as Boulder's Vox Feminista, an ever-changing collective of radical women that's been at it now for more than twenty years. "It" constitutes a heady mixture of sharp satire, poetry, feminism, leftist rant and social consciousness that's uniquely Vox Feminista. The all-gender feminist ensemble typically produces two shows each year; this fall's offering, Live from Planet Earth: Uh-Oh!, offically kicks off on Thursday at Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins before opening in Denver this coming Saturday, November 6, at 8 p.m. for a run of Saturdays in November at the Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street. "Uh Oh," explains Vox spokeswoman Jess Steinitz, "stands for Universal Holy order of Organisms in Harmony, and the whole thing takes place on a cruise ship, the USS Denial. It's about the inhabitants of the ship: there are illegal Mexicans and a medical marijuana dispensary owner and a homosexual mermaid and a whole motley crew of characters. It's narrated by a character named Moonbeam, who represents the Intergalactic Council of Being, which is judging the behavior of humans." Best of luck with that -- right, Moonbeam? Fun is made at various groups, the ship hits an iceberg and transformation comes about... but, notes Steinitz, the real message is this: "We are all floating together on this vessel, and our goal is to move beyond petroleum and understand how we can do that." Below, a brief delving into the Vox Feminista experience, from 2009's baby high tech:
Typical of all Vox Feminista shows, Live from Planet Earth moves around: You can also also catch it on November 19 at Old Main on the CU-Boulder campus, or Fridays and Saturdays, December 3 through 11, at the Nomad Theatre in Boulder. Tickets however, regardless of where or when you go, are $12 to $30 on a sliding scale at the door.
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