Vox Feminista boards the USS Denial in Live from Planet Earth: Uh Oh!

Vox Feminista boards the USS Denial in Live from Planet Earth: Uh Oh!

Nobody in these parts does activist theater quite as well -- or with as much enthusiasm -- as Boulder's Vox Feminista, an ever-changing collective of radical women that's been at it now for more than twenty years. "It" constitutes a heady mixture of sharp satire, poetry, feminism, leftist rant and social consciousness that's uniquely Vox Feminista. The all-gender feminist ensemble typically produces two shows each year; this fall's offering, Live from Planet Earth: Uh-Oh!, offically kicks off on Thursday at Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins before opening in Denver this coming Saturday, November 6, at 8 p.m. for a run of Saturdays in November at the Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street.

Vox Feminista boards the USS Denial in Live from Planet Earth: Uh Oh!

"Uh Oh," explains Vox spokeswoman Jess Steinitz, "stands for Universal Holy order of Organisms in Harmony, and the whole thing takes place on a cruise ship, the USS Denial. It's about the inhabitants of the ship: there are illegal Mexicans and a medical marijuana dispensary owner and a homosexual mermaid and a whole motley crew of characters. It's narrated by a character named Moonbeam, who represents the Intergalactic Council of Being, which is judging the behavior of humans." Best of luck with that -- right, Moonbeam? Fun is made at various groups, the ship hits an iceberg and transformation comes about... but, notes Steinitz, the real message is this: "We are all floating together on this vessel, and our goal is to move beyond petroleum and understand how we can do that." Below, a brief delving into the Vox Feminista experience, from 2009's baby high tech:

Typical of all Vox Feminista shows,

Live from Planet Earth

moves around: You can also also catch it on November 19 at Old Main on the CU-Boulder campus, or Fridays and Saturdays, December 3 through 11, at the Nomad Theatre in Boulder.

Tickets however, regardless of where or when you go, are $12 to $30 on a sliding scale

at the door.


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