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Weird love: The ten strangest onscreen couples

Love is weird. Most anyone over the age of, say, sixteen or so has at least one story of an ill-fated romance based on the old adage of "opposites attract." Worse, it's usually more "whatever will cause us the most confusion, chaos and, most likely, pain attracts." That's not to say those strange romances can't have happy endings -- or happyish endings, or even just endings where we're happy it's over -- but no matter how they end up, they can make us question who we are, make others question WTF we're doing and endlessly fuel our friends' gossip.

On this Valentine's Day, and in honor of the Esquire showing Hal Ashby's classic odd-couple romance Harold and Maude Friday and Saturday night at midnight, we've compiled this list of film's ten most unusual couples. Some are doomed from the start, some find a way to make it work, but all of them will make you feel better about your own misguided romances. We promise, no matter how outré your affairs may be, these have got you beat. (Note: if you can actually top any/all of these, please contact us asap so we can tell your story.)

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