What You Missed: I Heart Fashion at La Rumba

Rant Alert: If you just want to see the pretty pictures, scroll to the bottom where each image links to a slide show of the designer's work.

Normally Cat talks about fashion. Today, Cat has to talk about modeling. On Friday night, June 8, Locality Productions and Fashion Denver put on a great show at La Rumba. The Laylights performed during the show, kicking out some great music for the thirteen different local labels that were represented. Cat saw some old favorites but with new pieces – Equillibrium Clothing, Potential Fashions, The Fabric Lab, Hazell and Grae Clothing – and was introduced to some new faces that she’s really excited to know more about – e for elissa, I heart henry j, sparkwear, Shade, BrainChild, Mademoiselle Modiste and Assemblage Apparel. Plus the hair and makeup by The Parlour and jewelry by Love Las Muertas were excellent. Overall, it was a great night and represented Denver fashion well.

The downside (other than a lot of poorly dressed people who thought they were just showing up for Lipgloss not a fashion show…but still) was the modeling. It’s something that Cat’s been noticing for a while and held her claws, but she can’t any longer. We have many lovely ladies prowling the catwalks, but being beautiful is not enough. Thus, Cat’s quick guide to runway modeling.

*** It is not a race to see who can get on and off the stage the quickest. Do not sprint. Saunter. You’re gorgeous, enjoy your time in the spotlight. Or, if self interest is your thing, walk slowly so that the resulting images of you are flattering, not just an awkward blur.

*** You are up there to sell the clothes. Flirt, be sexy, do whatever you need to do to make people want to look and dress just like you.

*** Don’t look bored. You don’t have to be all sunshine and kittens, but for the love of God, have a personality. If your designer wants a serious model look, that’s cool. Give that face – but it’s not dour or bored. The look is haughty, coy even. It says "I’m smokin’ and I know it." You can have an attitude on stage that would never fly on the streets. Have fun.

*** Please, please, please hit your points. If it’s a long runway, pause briefly as you exit onto the stage (skip this if it’s short) then go about your sexy walk. Go to the end, strike your pose so that the photographers can catch your best look. Then – and this is important – do not just twirl and flounce off. Instead, turn to one side of the stage – just long enough for the runway audience and seated photographers to snap off an image – then repeat for the other side of the stage. After that, saunter back down the runway. If you feel like it, do a twirl or give some attitude about halfway back. This gives one more opportunity for great photos and for you to sell the clothes.

*** Look to some of the other girls for inspiration Lana Russell, Colby Bemis and Brooke Crawford all know how to be both beautiful and engaging on a runway. (Several of the models at this show were also great, but Cat doesn't know their names. Fantastic job.)

Want a real life example of how this all works? Here’s a post from Fashionista today:

We heard something fun from designer Claude Morais at Ruffian last night:

Their smoke gray trench coat for Fall hasn't even hit stores yet, but they've already sold out of its inventory twice. Why?

"It was Chanel," says Claude --- the model, not the label. "She wore that coat down our runway, and poof, it was gone. Chanel worked that coat so that everybody wanted it! We love her."

In fairness to the coat, it was gorgeous and gorgeously made, but still...

We hear Ruffian aren't the only ones who've realized that when Chanel wears an outfit, its demand goes zoom.

Nuff said. Now let's have fun with photos.

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