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What's in your bag? Gucci wallet and Mac lipstick

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Even in the heat, Denver's fashonistas manage to look flaw-free. This week's street style features a local DJ living it up at the Underground Music Showcase on Broadway. Ready, set, here we go!

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Name: Stella Montoya

Spotted at: Bayaud and Broadway, en route to UMS.

Profession: Manager at Buffalo Exchange and a DJ at 3 Kings Tavern.

Favorite film: Spun. I used to have Brittany Murphy's wardrobe in that movie.

Summer anthem: The Ty Segall Band's song "Death" from its album Slaughterhouse.

Style inspirations/icons: Blogs, especially one named Oracle Fox, as well as fashion on tumblr. Japanese fashion and legs in general are very cool as well.

Favorite accessory: Hats. My favorite one is this hat that I'm wearing.

Favorite colors: Blue and green. They're very relaxing.

Style mantra: Are you really leaving the house like that?

Shops at: 95 percent of the clothes I wear I buy from Buffalo Exchange. I also love Sephora and Mac.

"When I was little, I would pretend that I was a businesswoman on Wall Street. Nowadays if I had to dress in pantsuits all day, I don't what I'd do," jokes Montoya. "I never have casual days" says Montoya."I grocery shop in an outfit like this. It's not even a conscious thing, really, it's just how I feel comfortable. I feel comfortable expressing myself through fashion and always have." Take a peek inside Stella Montoya's bag on page 2! Montoya carries a brown leather purse with a fox tail strapped on it. Let's see what's inside this wild bag... We have a wide range of items here: red Mac lipstick, cell phone charms from a vending machine, a Gucci wallet, keys and a vile of jasmine oil. The Ray-Ban shades that Montoya has are not the typical wayfarer model; these are a vintage German style from the 1940s. "I love sunglasses and have been feeling the circular spectacles lately," says Montoya. Montoya prefers to use this natural jasmine oil instead of traditional perfume. Although she has a hippie spirit, she also has a nice black leather Gucci wallet, a find at Buffalo Exchange. Style analysis: Stella Montoya displays how you can mix and match to create your own aesthetic. The animal-print dress in tandem with the fox tail on her purse make her stand out as a ferocious best in the concrete jungle. The red lips match her red boots, and the hat adds a touch of a vintage rock and roll. All of this is topped with teal-colored locks that make Montoya feel like a mermaid. From rocker to animal to mermaid, style can be anything you wish, even combining elements you wouldn't think go together, but somehow still work. The fox is out of the bag!

Don't be afraid to mix genres and ideas to create your own look, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.