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What's your ski patrol nickname?

Mine is "Fancy Pants," although it's probably my fault since I claimed I was "definitely rad" on snow blades.

Copper Mountain created "Get Your Ski Patrol Name" as part of their "Everyone Deserves A Snow Day" viral campaign, which miraculously doesn't suck. It's retro-ski-themed and hosted by onepiece-wearing characters who might actually know something about skiing.

Other games include games and contests based on your level of employment. For instance, click on "I Am the Boss" and you get a prefab memo you can use to give your employees a snow day. Click on "I Am Employed," and you'll access a soundboard to help fake sickness on a powder day and an auto-call feature to beg your boss for a snow day.

Best of all, if you're unemployed, you can send a letter explaining why you deserve a snow day more than all the other out-of-work saps out there. They've also got links to employment resources in all 50 states, in case you want to actual get a leg up on a new job while dreaming of powder.

The page also includes snow conditions, photo galleries, goofy videos, links to resort specials (kids ski free, etc.), and info on Copper's sustainability efforts.

At the very least, it's a great time waster until you actually get your snow day this weekend.

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