Where will you find your RiNo rhino during Create Denver Week?

Create Denver Week

, which began with a party last night, gets down to some heavy business with tonight's Urban Encounters and tomorrow's Create Denver Expo. But you never know -- they might be saving the best for last: On Sunday, the whole city is invited to the

RiNo Art District

for a Mother's Day

open studio tour and iron pour extravaganza


But RiNo and the folks from Plinth Gallery also have a little sidetrip designed expressly for the art collector in you: Late this evening, 100 bright-orange numbered ceramic rhinos will be placed hither and thither throughout the district for ordinary people to find and treasure forever.

RiNo spokesman Tracy Weil shared this list of deets with us:

1. These are handmade

2. They are collectible and numbered.

3 Each year we do a studio tour, there will be a NEW RINO.

4. They will be hidden over the entire neighborhood late Friday night, ready to be "seeked, found or otherwise discovered" Saturday and Sunday. Boundaries could be Confluence Park to I-70, (North to South) I-25 to maybe York (East to West)

Check the RiNo website for a studio tour map, and happy hunting!

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