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White people, rejoice: SuperTarget may be the new Tamarac Square anchor store

Though the decision is not set in stone, there was a community meeting last week regarding the possibility of a SuperTarget being put into the Tamarac Square mall on Hampden in Southeast Denver. After The Gap, one of the remaining draws for the shopping center, closed over a half-decade ago and the movie theater finally called it quits last year, the hunk of retail space has been sitting idle.

Meanwhile, Tiffany Plaza, its sister strip mall spot across the street, has been thriving with a 24 Hour Fitness and Whole Foods recently revitalizing the spot. A SuperTarget could effectively create a white people shopping heaven, and maybe relieve some of the congestion at the Target in Glendale -- which is a famous hot spot for Saturday afternoon consumer-wanderers.

Sadly, the Internet didn't yield any hilarious old photos of Tamarac Square, but if you're as interested in looking at other dead malls (abandoned shopping areas) as we are, the dead malls blog is highly recommended. This way you can spend the remainder of your boring Monday grind perusing photos of broken-down Dillards while reading people's stories from their favorite shopping centers of yore.

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