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Willow Palin big-ups the Palins on Facebook with homophobic slurs, atrocious grammar

If conservative politics are a circus, then the Palin family is everyone's favorite sideshow. The teen pregnancy, the strange babydaddy drama, the truncated term as governor -- shoot, that was the Palins just getting warmed up, evidently, because just when you thought shit couldn't get any weirder for the Addams Family of conservative wingnuts, shit, well, got weirder. Now, in addition to the Alaska-themed reality show and Bristol's weird run on Dancing with the Stars, Willow -- the other other Palin daughter -- has taken it to Facebook to defend the family's honor against "haters" by questioning their sexuality in a derogatory fashion. Basically, she called a kid a faggot.

Willow, who has seemingly never gotten the memo that shit you say on Facebook -- especially if you're famous -- is public, directed her critique at a kid named Tre, who posted this in a status update: "Sarah Palin's Alaska, is [sic] failing so hard right now." Someone from another famous family might have just let that roll right off his or her back, but as we all know, the Palins are not a family known for shrugging it off. Here's how Willow responded:

Oh, Palins. Where would we be without your consistent alacrity and devastating witticisms? You guys are like the reincarnations of Oscar Wilde over there.

Moments later, Bristol -- whose performance on Dancing with the Stars, just on a side note, inspired a Wisconsin man to shoot his television with a gun the same day -- got involved, taking her sister's side against the aforementioned Tre -- while perhaps subtly encouraging her by example to use contractions correctly: "You're running your mouth just to talk shit," she speculated.

Since then, Bristol has rescinded her role in the controversy, apologizing on behalf of her embattled sister for the slurs. Remarks from Willow herself have not thus far been forthcoming. Given the family's track record, though, there's little doubt she'll continue to keep it classy.

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