Yoga in the City shoots to break a record tomorrow

Tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the City Park bandstand, you'll find a lot of flexible people hoping to beat out a yoga event that was recently held in Washington, D.C. Sponsored by lululemon athletic gear, Yoga in the City aims to top a recent lululemon event in D.C. that drew 1,000, and the lululemon outlets in Colorado are teaming up with CorePower Yoga, Om Time, Qi Athletica Clubs, Root Yoga Center, Blue World Yoga, Yoga on 6th and Vital Yoga to put it together.

"Everything we do in terms of marketing with our community is all grassroots style," explains Alex Cordoba, community trainer for Lululemon in Cherry Creek.

"So we really were like, if D.C. can do a thousand, let's try to do two thousand people. We got inspired by how big yoga is in Denver, and our collaboration with CorePower and all the yoga studios and instructors in the community," Cordoba adds.

"We'll have tables with sponsoring studios there, as big as CorePower and as small as Root Yoga Center. All these studios are working together. Walking Alchemy will be playing music, and we'll have yogis of all levels and from all over Colorado -- because this isn't just a Denver event: The three lululemons in Colorado and all 21 CorePowers are participating.

"I'm going to be super, super psyched for 500 people," she says, "but our goal is 2,000. We hope it's going to be more than we could ever imagine."

Three CorePower instructors -- Marley Vigdorth, Cara Fogel and Lora Lantz -- will split the warm-up, peak of the class and cool-down between them. Instructors will be moving through the crowds by the bandstand, with extra help adjusting the poses from instructors from all across the city.

Best of all, it's free; you don't have to register anywhere -- just show up. "Bring a mat, water bottle, potentially something warm because it might be cool, and an open heart, open mind and a readiness to sweat and open the body," Cordoba advises.

Questions can be directed to 970-941-6475. Let's see those downward dogs, Denver!

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