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You Are Listening to Denver: Our city sounds like police scanners and ambient techno

Ever wonder what our fair city sounds like? Not the noises-on-the-street sound, but the unofficial theme song, if you will, that perfectly encapsulates what makes Denver Denver? Now you can find out, courtesy of "You Are Listening to Denver," a web venture that has captured the aural essence of our fair city. Spoiler alert: It's CB radios and Enya.

That may sound strange, but the website, inspired by other "You Are Listening To..." efforts for New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Montreal, is pretty convincing, what with its dramatic photo of Denver's skyline and unending stream of atmospheric rhythms and crackles of police radios. The effort, first spotted by the digital tastemakers at Denver Egotist, makes Denver feel like the setting of a Michael Mann movie; maybe Robert De Niro is somewhere nearby, somberly brooding over his next whiz-bang bank heist and wondering why his career has been eclipsed by the likes of Val Kilmer.

Of course, maybe you have a better idea for Denver's acoustic thumbprint. The Rockies announcers mixed with the Fray, plus a photo of Casa Bonita? Colorado Matters overdubbed with the bells of the helado carts, complimented by a shot of DIA's Blue Mustang Hell Beast?

What do you think? Feel free to, ahem, sound off below.

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