Zoe O. wins Queen of Aces Pageant 2012

Miss Zoe O. has won the 2012 Queen Of Aces title, the third annual pageant and benefit put on by the Colorado Gay Volleyball Association at Hamburger Mary's. Prior to the contest of pageantry and drag, Westword spoke with with now winner, Luke List, A.K.A. miss Zoe O. the quirky, Andrews Sisters-singing newbie queen about what it's like to be a man who also does drag. But List was in an emotional state because someone had just told him about Whitney Houston death. "It was Hollywood, I would say that I channeled the spirit of Whitney," List said with a smile.

List was caught off guard by his own nervousness. "There's no real rehearsal because you can't get into the space beforehand," he said. "I was in an improv troupe in college -- I know, what a cliche -- but you can't really improvise with a drag show."

But the show went on, and List became the third ever Queen Of Aces by performing "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" from Moulin Rouge and sporting a Castaway-themed outfit -- complete with his own volleyball pal, Wilson -- in the creative volleyball wear category to seal the deal.

For the next year, as Zoe O., List will officiate and host several parties for the Colorado Gay Volleyball Association, and represent her crown in this year's Pride Parade for the league -- but not alone. "I felt weird about it," he says. "Riding alone in the parade just didn't sit well with my middle child-Buddhist self, so I asked (previous pageant winners) Daniella DeCoteau and Shirley Delta Blow to do it with me."

And List is crossing his fingers that the trio will be sitting pretty on a full-on float this year, not just a convertible.

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