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You can always go to quieter courts like the ones at Eastmoor or Bible Park to practice your jump shot and work on your off-hand in peace, but if you're looking for a pickup game or are trying to be king of the court for a day, it's time to test yourself at Washington Park. Denver's most popular hangout in the summer is packed thanks to its volleyball nets, but there are many days from March to October when it's just as hard to get on the basketball court. Show up early, preferably with a group of five so you can keep the same team, and see how long you can last before someone runs you off. Practice your shot in your driveway if you're scared of getting dunked on.

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With trails spread across thousands of acres in the Roxborough Park area, nestled up against the foothills, Chatfield Stables offers horsey experiences for riders of every skill level, from kids who've never climbed aboard a pony that wasn't coin-operated to the most experienced hands. Since the Platte River runs through the area, there are water features aplenty, as well as forest terrain that often brings visitors into close proximity with the vast array of wildlife that calls Colorado home. As a bonus, the outfit's website includes a "Meet Our Horses" page, so you can get to know the steeds before you saddle up. If you'd prefer someone else take the reins, Chatfield offers a hay ride with a horse-drawn carriage. Get detailed directions to the stables on the same website.

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