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Having a baby is never easy, and for first-time moms (and dads), it's a life-changing experience. That's why Hygge Birth and Baby was born. The owners of this new birth center, Miki Tynan and Tara Duncan, are moms themselves, and they thought long and hard about what kind of birth experience they would have wanted when they created this charming, streamlined spot. Hygge Birth and Baby promotes the idea of hygge, the Scandinavian concept of feeling warm, comfortable and cozy. In addition to providing surroundings that fill that bill, Tynan and Duncan offer support groups, midwives, doulas, birthing classes, yoga, massage and other things that can help moms-to-be and new moms alike feel supported and safe.

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Whether you're looking for a body-safe vibrator or nipple clamps, or simply seeking a safe space to talk with others about your hunt for such items, Awakening is sure to provide a positive experience. Owned by best friends and Colorado natives Tory Johnson and Rose Kalasz, the two Awakening locations offer locally made lingerie, art, apparel, safe-pleasure products and other goods, as well as educational seminars. The owners also pop up in other places, passing on information about sexuality and sexual health in inclusive environments. Don't fear the dildo: Embrace it at Awakening.

Local designer and seamstress Haley Mariah demonstrates rare talent and an uproarious sense of dark humor with her private line, Brazen Threads, which comprises a collection of velvety clutches, retro aprons and floozy tote bags. The crowd favorite? Plush sleep masks emblazoned with a "Fuck Off," for the discerning wearer who really means it.

Led by instructor Renesha Berry, the Urban Seductress class on Fridays at EVQ Elite Dance Studio promises to put pep in any woman's step. While high heels are encouraged, they are not required as Berry shows women (and a few brave men) how to strut their stuff while dancing to hip-hop and R&B jams. For those who'd prefer to perfect their moves in private, she also offers personal lessons.


The heady aroma of shoe polish and tobacco wafts out the door of J&B Boot and Shoe Repair, a strip-mall throwback to the days when you could find a cobbler on almost every corner. Like those old-school artists, J&B takes its trade seriously, applying a deft and efficient hand to re-soles, heel fixes, leather repair and problems you thought beyond help. J&B will tackle other leather damage, too, which makes this shop a good resource for purse and jacket rehab. Bring in high heels on Tuesdays for a repair and shine at a discount, but be forewarned that another old-school touch awaits you when you pick up your footwear: J&B only accepts cash and checks.

Handsome Little Devils co-founder Dan Huling and his partner, costume designer Annabel Reader, are right at home in the circus/sideshow community, but when they aren't busy entertaining in the streets, they're cobbling — and teaching others how to make handcrafted footwear out of recycled leather scraps and other upcycled materials. You can choose from a variety of workshops where you can learn to craft your own sneakers, sandals or proper boots at their custom shoemakers' studio near Fort Collins. One stitch at a time....

Regardless of how much they cost, climbing shoes do not last forever. But don't give up on them after you wear out the soles or bust through the sides. Rather than pony up for yet another expensive pair of climbing shoes, reach out to For owner Greg Oberg, fixing a bad shoe is no more daunting than tackling a challenging climbing route. Fill out an order form online, then either pack up your shoes and mail them to Type2's physical address, or simply drop off your worse-for-wear climbers at the Übergrippen or Movement Baker gyms. A month and a modest fee later (repairs start at $10), Oberg will return them, good for another go.

Co-founders Julian Cabrera and Noe Magdaleno started Vices as an online shop five years ago, and moved to a brick-and-mortar storefront in Five Points two years ago. But the goal of both endeavors has stayed the same: Vices is designed to keep the men of Denver looking good, with hard-to-find streetwear and urban fashion pieces (90 percent new, 10 percent vintage) that have them covered from head to toe. The bottom line is where Vices really kicks the competition, however: The store's walls are lined with a colorful assortment of sneakers from Nike, Jordan, Yeezy, Adidas and Vans...and they just might be your size. Put your best foot forward.

If you have a soft spot for classic Detroit iron in beyond-mint condition, Cars Remember When has you covered in more ways than one. The business offers sales and service in Englewood, where its spectacular showroom is crammed with museum-quality rides from decades past; you're just as likely to see a 1930s Buick Club Coupe here as you are a 1998 Chevrolet Camaro that will have Federal Boulevard cruisers crying tears of jealousy. Meanwhile, at the Littleton restoration center, pros stand ready to transform the jalopy that's been sitting on blocks in your garage into an automotive epiphany. The Cars Remember When motto is "Every Day Is Car Show Day," and the staff proves it day in and day out.

Best Place to See Hot Rods, Custom Cruisers and Lowriders

Grandpa's Burger Haven

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Cruising Federal has been a favorite pastime for generations of Denver residents, and Grandpa's Burger Haven is a key part of this Sunday routine. The old-fashioned burger joint is the perfect location for car-club meetups: It has ample parking, a walk-up service window that won't take you far from your prized vehicle, and a coveted location right on the strip, a prime spot for watching beautiful roadsters roll by. But you'll also be able to see plenty up close at Grandpa's, where tricked-out trucks, lowriders and customized vehicles of both the vintage and cutting-edge variety show off on the eatery's expansive stretch of asphalt.

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