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This is a past event.

AMEE presents: The Revival (ft. Flobots and Kayla Marque)

Flobots are an alternative hip hop band from Denver, CO, who are on a mission to use their music as a tool to create community, conversation, and ignite the activist in all of us.

MC’s Jonny 5 and Brer Rabbit became friends in the fourth grade and bonded first over their love of comic books then hip hop. Flobots are best known for their blending of genres and lyrical landscapes, traversing topics of race, equality, democracy, and social justice.

Jonny 5 and Brer Rabbit met guitarist/vocalist Andy Rok in high school and became fast friends. While finishing their final year in college, Andy Rok recruited a number of Colorado musicians including Kenny O on drums to create an all- star backing band inspired by groups like The Roots. After playing their first show as a full-fledged band, they vowed to never perform with a backing CD track ever again and the rest is Flobots history.

In the 15+ years of being a platinum-selling band, touring the world, and founding the nonprofit Youth on Record, Flobots continue to invite us to imagine a world rooted in empathy, equality, and love using music as their superpower.

Today’s core group is comprised of Emcees Jonny 5 (born Jamie Laurie) and Brer Rabbit (born Stephen Brackett) along with musicians Andy Rok Guerrero (guitar/vocals) and Kenny O (drums). The band’s current roster of live touring musicians includes sisters Larea Edwards & Chrissy Grant (members of Spirit of Grace), Sarah Hubbard (violin/viola), and Sean Blanchard (Bass).

Kayla Marque is an American singer/songwriter & performing artist. Her music is an emotive fusion that blends elements of electro, soul, & R&B, immersing listeners into an atmospheric landscape that evokes introspection. She calls her genre, “Sparkly Dark Ritual Pop.” Marque’s next solo project, set to release this year (2024) promises to continue in a more playful energy, exploring themes of beauty, pleasure and fantasy, while still grounded by the raw honesty that ties all her music together.