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10 MPH

Right before Segway scooters were unleashed onto the world, there was talk of this new machine that was going to change the way America travels. A social revolution, the press releases promised. Then they hit the streets and people asked, "Why would I pay $4,000 for a machine that walks for me, something I can already do quite well myself?"

That wasn't how Broomfield-based filmmakers Hunter Weeks and Josh Caldwell felt. They loved the machine. They loved the human dolly so much, they decided to take it on the road. A cross-country trip at ten miles per hour. But the team did it and documented the whole thing for their film, aptly titled 10 MPH. Starting in Seattle and gliding into Boston one hundred days later, the film is a quirky view of little-seen America, offering the kind of scenery that a proper road-tripper would appreciate. But the trip wasn't without its bumps: They were harassed in Illinois by police, and at one point the crew car and the Segway-bound Caldwell were separated for several hours in Kansas.

Catch all of the two-wheeled hijinks this week at Starz FilmCenter with a special 10 MPH premiere at 7:15 p.m. on Thursday, August 9, followed by question-and-answer session with Caldwell and Weeks and an after-party at Forest Room 5, 2532 15th Street.

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