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The 12th Annual Denver International World Cinema Independent Fall Film Festival -- quite a mouthful, no? -- will feature three days' worth of feature films, documentaries and shorts from around the globe at downtown Denver's Acoma Center. British actor/director Leon Herbert will appear in person with his new feature, Emotional Backgammon, and Mexican filmmaker Rafael Corona will be represented by The Forgotten Root, which chronicles largely obscured strains of African history and culture transplanted to Mexico. Texan J.D. Hawkins will be on hand with his Street Tales of Terror, in which a homeless man reveals his life on the mean streets; the fine art of animation will be on display via Welsh filmmaker Neville Buchanan's Ultra Gardens, American Andre Smith's Blood Pressure High, and Adina's First Day, by the Denver-based production team of Dina Pownell and Lori Munte.

Jenny Barraclough's Fragile Lives takes a look at immunization against disease in Africa, Asia and Europe, and Academy Award-winning documentarian Chris Tashima will screen Visas and Virtue, in which a Japanese consul general risks his life by issuing transit visas to Jewish refugees at the gates of his consulate.

The festival will be held Thursday, August 26, through Saturday, August 28, at the Acoma Center, 1080 Acoma Street. For schedules and more information, call 720-422-0144 or go to

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