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Lost Film Fest

"This is a curated program of the best of the best -- lefty video nonsense, fun and frolic," says Scott Beibin (right), host of the Lost Film Fest, which makes three local stops this week.

Philadelphia-based Beibin, who also runs Bloodlink Records, co-founded the fest in 1999 and began taking it on the road two years later using what he calls "a stripped-down, punk-rock style." Since then, he's brought the concept to approximately thirty countries and locations throughout the States. The lineup of material coming to Colorado includes USA Under Attack, a cinematic assault on racism by Danish filmmaker/musician Nikolaj Vijborg, and footage courtesy of the provocative performance artists known as the Yes Men. "Expect to see lots of culture jamming," Beibin says, "and stuff that usually flies under the radar."

Get a free one-hour sneak peek of the Lost Film Fest at 9 p.m. on Thursday, October 12, at the Denver Renegade Drive-In, 2920 Fox Street; call 303-257-8233 for details. On Friday, October 13, Beibin offers another free show at the Hale Science building on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus; get info at 303-913-4723. And at 7 p.m. on Sunday, October 15, the fest drops by Orange Cat Studios, 2625 Larimer Street. Admission is $5 to $10. Call 303-246-8224 or visit to learn more.

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