Blueberry OG from Greenfields.
There are no green fields around Greenfields. Just lots of blacktopped parking lot and the wide stretch of Mississippi Avenue out front. There's a small shrub­-like tree on the curb, but that's about it. As if to make up for that, however, the owners have painted their odd little building (formerly an awesome Mexican meat market and bakery, which moved next door) entirely green. Now it seems huge — and green, with the outside's neon shade repeated inside. A bud bar runs the length of the shop from front to back, with edibles and vape pens all the way down on the left and herb kept in jars on the other end. One corner has been set up as a patient lounge, and for the most part, staffers have erased signs of the former business, minus the huge stainless-steel freezer door in the middle of one wall. The staff is very friendly, and genuinely happy to deal with nerdy questions about the herb, the strains on the shelf and how much everything costs, answering it all with a smile. The shop has three levels of herb, with yellow-labeled jars on the top shelf, pink jars in the middle, and green representing the lowest quality.