Scott Lentz

Helping Hands Cannabis

It's rare to find a dispensary with unique in-house strains and crosses — and that's exactly what makes Boulder's Helping Hands Herbals so refreshing. The entrance is on the Pearl Street Mall just west of Broadway, but the place feels speakeasy-like, with a skinny doorway tucked between a busy restaurant on one side and a coffee shop on the other. Helping Hands Herbals has two shops here: Recreational herb is sold upstairs, while the medical marijuana center is downstairs, in the same spot it's occupied since 2009. The real hallmark of Helping Hands Herbals is the in-house, organic (technically vegan) soil-grown strains crossed mostly with freakishly good Hawaiian genetics you aren't going to find elsewhere. Hash-heads will also love the extensive lineup of shatter, wax, honey oil, budder, and flake and solventless hash.