Courtesy Huckleberry Roasters

Huckleberry Roasters

If you haven't given much thought to what coffee roasting does to change the flavor of your morning caffeine, we implore you to buy a bag of whole beans at Huckleberry. As you ponder the head-spinning number of varieties, a barista will swoop in to help: Do you like fruit or chocolate? Light or rich? Something unusual or a straightforward cup of joe? You'll eventually home in on something unique, perhaps after hearing a story about the growers behind the beans, and later sip it with newfound appreciation for the nuance possible in coffee's flavor. Mark Mann and Koan Goedman, the masterminds behind this operation, began roasting as a hobby, and as they've grown it into a business, they've continued to up the quality and expand choices. Coffees rotate seasonally here, so there's reason to stop by often — or get a subscription and let the shop send you a new brew every month.