Molly Martin

Little Arthur's Hoagies

It's nearly impossible to talk about sandwiches in Denver right now without Little Arthur's Hoagies coming up in the conversation. Originally from a suburb of Philly, AJ Shreffler grew up going to delis, and now he's bringing those memories to life and feeding them to the masses. The pop-ups began when Shreffler was still the sous chef at Bar Dough, but since leaving that gig to go full-time hoagie, he's been slinging sandwiches — which sell out in minutes when pre-orders go live. This summer, he's teaming up with Funky Flame, popping up at its new outdoor setup in Sunnyside as he continues to look for a permanent location — though you'll have to follow Little Arthur's on Instagram to get the details on exactly when and how to score a sandwich. He's been rotating through one option at a time, but they're always gigantic, made on bread that Shreffler bakes himself, and insanely tasty.

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