Ask a Stoner: Can Barbers Sell Blunts With In-Home Haircuts?

Ask a Stoner: Can Barbers Sell Blunts With In-Home Haircuts?
Dear Stoner: I have my own in-home haircutting service. I’ve been offering to bring alcohol and even lunch if they pay for it ahead of time. Would I legally be allowed to offer joints or blunts, too?

Dear Laura: Are you licensed to operate a door-to-door haircutting business in Denver and surrounding cities? Are you licensed to sell booze with those services? This isn’t a big deal if you’re only cutting a few friends’ hair and getting paid on Venmo — but you’re probably breaking the law already and should be careful how you advertise as your business grows.
My barber offers beer and whiskey during or after a cut, but he doesn’t charge for them, because he doesn’t have a liquor license. The alcohol is allowed to be complimentary, though, and he knows I’ll tip him an extra $5 for the Pabst he gave me after the haircut. The extra money is never discussed, as I’m not paying him specifically for the booze. Bring your joints and blunts with you and offer them after you arrive, but don’t charge. Those who play along and tip accordingly will continue receiving the special treatment, and those who don’t can go back to the basic package. Just don’t offer weed on the side for a higher price on your website or Instagram page; that’s where trouble starts.

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