Ask a Stoner: Are Cannabis Bans in Rental Leases Enforceable?

Dear Stoner: Can I really not have any cannabis on my rental property? Like, none? I'm not even trying to grow it or smoke it inside, but my landlord was hard on this when I signed the lease.

Dear Cliffy: Cannabis use has become so mainstream that we forget how much federal prohibition still mucks things up. While Colorado's cannabis laws do allow in-home cannabis possession, consumption and a limited form of cultivation, those rights are only protected if you own the home or the rental lease doesn't ban such activities.
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Jacqueline Collins
Cannabis bans aren’t required on residential leases unless the building receives federal grants or sits on federally owned land — but property owners are still within their rights to prohibit the possession of a Schedule I drug. Leases can ban a lot of legal things, too, such as smoking or vaping tobacco (alcohol is protected), certain breeds of dogs, or pets altogether; with any luck, federal legalization will change all of that one day. In the meantime, it's best not to fight landlords too hard on it, and try to create a relationship that doesn't involve them being around often. If you live in a single-family home or apartment building with minimal supervision, chances are you'll be able to keep cannabis hidden and partake without a hassle.

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