Ask a Stoner: Why Aren't There Cannabis Farmers Markets in Colorado?

Dear Stoner: I recently read an article about cannabis farmers' markets taking place in California. That sounds like a cool way to discover new weed. Why can't Colorado do things like that?

Dear Cory: Northern California and San Francisco have hosted a few events labeled as cannabis farmers' markets, with a recent SF version outlined by SFGate. Although these cannabis sales gatherings are held at licensed dispensaries and aren't exactly laid out in public like traditional farmers' markets, the events do effectively connect consumers with smaller brands they might not have noticed otherwise, thanks to a handful of growers, edibles makers and extractors present to promote their products. Some of the markets even allow you to try the products on site!
click to enlarge Cannabis farmers' market in Denver
Colorado's only licensed cannabis bar holds a bi-weekly event showcasing new dispensary brands.
Jacqueline Collins
The Denver area actually has one thing like that: JAD's Mile High Smoke, Colorado's only licensed cannabis bar, holds a bi-weekly event showcasing new dispensary brands and cannabis companies. The vendors come in, set up, and then you can sample each product for a small fee. Find out more about Denver's lone version of a cannabis farmers' market, dubbed Taste of JAD's, by calling the bar or checking out the website.

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